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Why Should You List Your Home With Me?

Why Should You List with an Agent?

The benefits to listing your home with an agent are numerous, and I am here to tell you all the reasons of why.



We know, understand and interpret local market data.


We can help you determine the appropriate listing price for you home, so that it sells quickly.

We view like-listings to keep a competitive price for your home and others like it on the market.


We market your home online to give it max exposure.

We use many online resources to get your house sold quickly. We use blogs, video tours, face-to-face marketing, and many different websites that are popular for home buying and selling.


We provide professional photography and video marketing to attract buyers.

Here at Team Properties, we have a professional photographer to take photos of your property, raising the chances of your home being seen and liked by online viewers. This increases the showings we get on your home and the more showings we get, the more likely we are to sell.


We know where to market for specific buyers.

We have a marketing expert in our office that specializes in marketing strategies for real estate. We advertise strategically to enhance the sale of your property.


We collaborate with other realtors to get your property sold as quickly as possible.

We have immediate access to any home, buyer and agent in the north eastern portion of Wyoming. Not only do we show your home, but we advertise for other agents to show your home as well.


We are well tuned to professional negotiation.

having taken classes and seminars to be the best at what we do. This helps us to get you the most money for your property. We know how to speak the code, and to get you the highest overall price for your property.


We can see problems before they occur.

we know how buying and selling really works and we know what kind of problems can arise during both processes and how to fix them before they happen. I have been in the game for over 8 years and I have seen the market fluctuate and I know how to handle the stresses of local marketing demands. I know the things that can happen when selling a home and I am well equiped to handle any stress from selling your home so that you don’t have to worry about it.


We let you in on tips on how to increase your home’s ROI.

Return on investment indicates the percentage of invested money that’s recouped after the deduction of costs. More money in your pocket is a big part of what we try to accomplish.


We target the appropriate market for your home, increasing the probability of selling.

Your home has specific qualities that specific buyers are looking for. We hone in on those special details to make sure your property is being viewed by the correct buying market.


We help you sell your current home, while also aiding in your search to find the home you need.

If you’re selling a home, your most likely in the market for buying one as well. We take care of all the leg work for you when it comes to buying and selling. You tell us what you want to purchase, and we find it for you.


We take care of all the paper work, so you don’t have to worry.

There is a lot of paperwork that goes with buying and/or selling any property. We take care of all of that for you. And if you have any questions about anything at all when it comes to selling your property, you shouldn’t hesitate to call. That is what we are here for, to help your journey through selling your property go as smoothly as possible for you.


We save you a lot of time by being your liaison in the marketing world.

I pride myself in my ability to market and sell homes. I am the link between you selling your home and the market that desires the home you are trying to sell. And we know you have a busy schedule and may not have time for all the small details that would increase your selling potential. Where you may have only one hour to do everything, we have several more.


We are bound by law to act as your fiduciary agent.

This means we are legally obligated to act in the best interest of our client and their needs. Confidentiality; We cannot disclose personal information about you or your property, especially information that can be damaging to you as our client. Loyalty; as your agent I owe you undivided loyalty to and put your needs and interests above my own. Obedience; we must obey all lawful orders that you give. Disclosure of details; we must disclose to you any information that would be beneficial to you in the selling of your property. Accounting; We are solely responsible for the accounting side of real estate, we manage the funds. Reasonable care; we are bound by law to use all our professional and personal resources to help you out in the selling process.


We know that you rely on us, and we thrive on that. According to Forbes in 2017, 87% of buyers bought their homes using a real estate agent. And of that 87%, 88% of them would use their same agent again or at least recommend them to someone they know.


And did you know:

48% of people selling without an agent end with lower selling price. Agent listed homes sell for 18%more than for sale by owner homes.


Team Properties Group is a well known real estate agency located in Gillette Wyoming.

To list your home today, call me personally to schedule a meeting so we can get together!

Summer Robertson

Team Properties Group, LLC



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