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What should you be aware of in the current market?

Now that you have settled into your 2014 routine, what can you expect to see in the Gillette market for the coming months?

Today we wanted to give you an update of the Gillette real estate market. Due to the steady inventory, the market is swinging in the buyer’s favor. There is a steady flow of homes entering the market as well as new construction combining to about 480 homes for sale. The average list price is about $217,000 with an average of 150 days on market. If you’re looking to sell, those are some numbers to keep track of! Interest rates are still at historic lows. Depending on the loan and credit, you can get a 30 year mortgage at around 4% and 3% for a 15 year mortgage. We don’t think interest rates will rise much in the coming months and will remain steady.

There are many great Gillette area homes for sale. Click here to perform a full home search, or if you’re thinking of selling your home, click here for a FREE Home Price Evaluation so you know what buyers will pay for your home in today’s market. You may call Summer at 307-250-4382 for a FREE home buying or selling consultation to answer any of your real estate questions!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us; The Summer Robertson Team looks forward to helping you with your real estate needs!

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