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Selling Your Home

Thinking about selling your home? Are you doing this for the first time and feeling a little bit lost? Don’t panic. Selling your home can be a little on the scary side, but there are ways to make this go as smooth and painless as possible.

When it comes to putting your house on the market you do want to make sure you do a little sprucing to make your home more inviting to buyers, up that curb appeal. Initially you need to emotionally detach from your home and want to be in the correct mindset to sell – you want the opportunity and offers!

Here’s a helpful checklist for selling your home starting from the outside:

– Remove any trash or cluttering that may give the yard a bad appearance

– Clean out rain gutters and outside windows

– Wash the outside of the house; hose attachments are available at any home improvement store

– Make sure you have an inviting, clean front door. Repaint if necessary

– Get new house numbers if yours are old and faded

– Buy a new welcome mat from propping purposes

– Make any necessary repairs so the Buyers / Inspector doesn’t have to add anything to an expense list

– Organize all your closets and drawers – Buyers will be looking all around

– Try to eliminate as many of your belongings as possible (store them away). Clutter can hinder a sale

– Arrange furniture to make the rooms look as large as possible

– Depersonalize each room, remove personal photo frames and posters – We want to look professional

– Scrub every single inch of the bathrooms and kitchen

– Make everything shine from top to bottom – windows, mirrors and floors

– Buy new linens if needed for good, neutral house propping

– Paint your walls neutral colors so they don’t distract

– Get some air freshener and spray it often

Here’s a good example of some nicely propped rooms:

Jonquil - Selling Your Home

Jonquil - Selling Your Home

Just be logical when you’re thinking about prepping to sell your home. Think of the types of things you would look for when it comes to cleanliness – what you would want and expect and what would be unacceptable. Selling your home is the first step to your new chapter in life!

We’re here if you have any questions or need any other little tips!

Summer Robertson of The Robertson Team

Team Properties Group, LLC


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