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Moving can be rough on children

Moving can be rough on children – transitioning into a new school can be worse.

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You’re adjusting to life in a new state, settling into the house of your dreams. You just bought it and you think this move was the best thing that could have happened. You’re helping your family transition into this new life routine, making your house the welcoming, cozy home you always wanted.

Then it’s time for the kids to go back to school.

School transitions for children can be pretty rough. You can almost feel the chill and anxiety. From your children fearing missing the bus, and not being able to make friends, as a parent you start to feel the stress. Lets face it – sometimes the first back-to-school days are far from exciting. Parents, you can help pave the way for smooth sailing here as your children shift into the new school by proactively addressing their concerns.

Here are a few tips to help make the school transitions a bit easier since moving can be rough on children:

– Be enthusiastic about this. If you’re confident and excited, your children can feed off of this. Help them look at this in a positive light.

– Prepare yourself. If it’s possible, visit the new school together in advance and introduce your child to their new teacher. This could start to ease some fear for the completely new setting.

– Start up some daily routines, allowing your child to help pack her lunch for the next day and choose their outfit the day before. Even help them to remember all the items they need in their backpack. Let them feel more braced.

– Don’t forget to say good-bye to your child. You need to be firm, but friendly about the short separation of the day. Never ridicule for crying, but make supportive comments.

– If they’re acting tough, but you can see the fear on his face, do something a little extra. Hide a picture or reassuring note in their backpack or lunchbox to surprise them later.

– At the end of the day, try to leave work at work. Come home and be a parent and ask your child about their day.

Moving is a process and can be more rough on children than anyone else. Settling into the new home can be the more exciting part of the process, but adjusting to a new school has a psychological effect. Help ease the fear and school transitions for children!

Thinking about moving to our area? You can find all the schools in Campbell County here, so you can all learn about them and help ease the school transitions and make the moving process a bit less rough on the children.

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