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Importance of Being a Pre-Qualified Buyer

Welcome back! Today our team leader, Summer, wanted to talk about the importance of becoming pre-qualified as a buyer. We would highly recommend any buyer to become pre-qualified through a lending institution. Doing so gives you the power to know where you are financially and also gives you the idea of where to start and what price range you need to be in. The lender will show you examples of payments and interest rates to make you are comfortable and are looking in the right price range.

It also gives the opportunity to know that we’re looking for the right houses for you and when you do find the house you love, you make an offer on it. From a seller’s standpoint, they want to see pre-qualified buyers. This gives them the peace of mind knowing the transaction will go smoothly.

If you know of anyone who is looking to list their home or purchase, give Summer a call at (307) 250-4382 or email her at

Thanks and have a great day!

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