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Best Bet Improvements for Home Resale

Best Bet Improvements for Home Resale

Best Bet Home Improvements

Looking for the best bet improvements to help the appearance of your home for resale, or simply wanting an updated look? These projects can be costly, so there are a few things to consider before you begin.

When it comes to the best bet home improvements to prepare your home for resale you can spend an enormous amount of money on something for the personal pleasure of having it – like that huge outdoor pool surrounded by those lush garden plants and flowers, or you can be more practical about this and make an improvement that could increase your home’s market value. Think about installing those energy-efficient appliances. However, it is believed, and warned, just because you put a certain amount of money into your best home improvements for resale does not necessarily mean you’ll always get all that money back.

How much of your investment you’ll get back depends on many factors, like the housing market, the value of homes in your neighborhood, and the exact nature of the improvement. Remember that the longer you live in your home after a home improvement project is completed, the less likely it will become for you to gain back its value.

Basic is usually better when it comes to the best improvements for home resale – a beautiful new attachment to the house doesn’t make up for a leaky roof.

Here are some best bet home improvements that usually pay off:

– Kitchen Improvements. New paint, wallpaper, and flooring are always appreciated by buyers. Hardwood is always popular. Consider sanding, staining or painting those old cabinets. With a few basic improvements your kitchen can basically pay you back with interest!

– Windows. A good set of standard windows can get you back more than half of what you put in. Don’t get too fancy with shapes and sizes!

– Space Functionality. Increasing the functional space of your home holds its value longer than remodeling just to make a house look better. Converting attic space into a bedroom or turning your basement into an extra living space or more bedrooms can bring back about 3/4 of the costs.

– Painting. A fresh coat of neutral, earth-toned (tans and whites) paint could make your sale easier. A potential buyer’s views won’t be clouded or distracted by bright, sometimes strange colors. A professional exterior paint job may also recoup most of its cost. Face it – sometimes a book is judged by the cover and we all like newer looking things.

– Exterior Improvements. Remember that leaky roof we mentioned earlier? That’s a fantastic fix-up idea. Instead of painting the exterior of the home, you could replace siding for an updated look. Remember to clean up your yards, too!

You don’t have to get extravagant to make your house hold value. Theses are just a few ideas for the best bet home improvements for home resale!

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